We know the release date and price

Nexus fans are looking forward to launching another version of their popular smartphone. This time its manufacturer is the South Korean company LG and Huawei Chinese, and the device will appear in stores probably September 29. It will also be slightly more expensive than the previous model, because it costs $ 399.

If you believe in sources close to Google, then on the 29th of September in the Google Store web store, you will see the latest Nexus 5X, the next Google smartphone model. In principle, they will be two models, one of them will be supplied by LG, while the other one will come from Huawei.

The LG Nexus will likely be sold under the Nexus 5X brand, although this is not entirely certain as the final name has not yet been selected. For now, only the photos that circulate in the web that show the design of the product are true. It can be seen that the device will be equipped with a round fingerprint reader on the back panel, as well as a camera with a double LED. The smartphone will be available in white, black and light blue and will have a plastic rear panel and a USB Type C port.

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