Using smartphones in airplanes is still allowed

Since 2013, passengers have been able to use mobile devices during take-off and landing operations by decision of the Federal Aviation Commission. But there was not much that was missed by stewardesses who thought smartphones were scattering passengers.

For many years it was thought that smartphones could pose a threat to the onboard instruments of the aircraft and therefore were forbidden to use them during take off and landing. When this theory was abolished, FAA allowed the use of portable equipment in 2013 at these times of flight, which undoubtedly pleased the passengers.

The stewardesses, however, and the AFA (Association of Stewardesses), at the end of last year, sued the FAA, claiming that the use of smartphones during take-off and landing makes it difficult for them to carry out their duties. The cabin crew claims that the passengers immediately reach for their equipment and pay no attention to instructions on the use of exits and safety procedures. But stewardesses do not take into account the fact that if someone often flies, the procedures are already well known and need not listen to them each time.

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