Twitter account of famous celebs taken over

Twitter has been criticized by the internet community for years for being an ineffective system to protect user accounts from being taken over by hackers. Every now and then we hear such incidents, and the latest example is popular vocalist Katy Perry.

89 million people watching the account of this internationally known artist had to be surprised when suddenly vulgar and racist posts began to appear on it. Quickly it turned out that it was not their author, but anonymous hackers who somehow got their login and password and then took control of their account and started using it for their own purposes.

Twitter administrators fortunately responded quickly to this event and immediately removed hacker entries and blocked them from accessing their accounts. This, however, shows how easy it is for someone to ruin a reputation in social media, because although it is an activity with which an account user has nothing to do with it, there is still a nasty obligation to explain to the fans.

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