The Pentagon protects against cyber attacks

As a rule, an attack on a computer network is detected after the fact that the information has already been criminally stolen and the damage can no longer be limited. The Pentagon wants to create an electronic system that will protect computer networks against such attacks.

The frequency of attacks on US computer networks has increased dramatically in recent years, and practically every moment we read hacking, where huge amounts of data have been stolen, including sensitive user data. To make matters worse, most victims of the attack learn only after the fact when nothing else can be done.

The Department of Defense therefore wants to create an electronic system that would prevent such attacks. The new technology is based on detecting vulnerabilities in the software and then classifying them according to the degree of threat that they may pose. In the case of military systems, the technology automatically performs detection of intrusion attempts, and then immediately informs the network security watchdog so that it can respond immediately to the threat.

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