The intelligent lid will prevent coffee from being burned

Many of us going to work in the morning, go to some bar to buy a coffee that will put us on our feet. But it brings with it some danger, because in absent-mindedness we can pull a sip of boiling water and burn well.

Fortunately there is a solution that will save us from this unpleasant experience, and it is Smart Lid. In short, it is a one-time mug cover, made of a special temperature-responsive material, which by changing its color informs us how hot we have a drink.

If the lid is bright red, then the beverage is above 48 degrees Celsius, so drinking is not the best idea. But when the color starts to turn brown, it is a signal that our morning coffee or tea is completely safe.

Smart Lid is manufactured by an Australian company that packages 40 such lids for $ 29.95.

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