Tesla parting with the company responsible for autopilot?

American websites report that Tesla Motors is likely to resign from further cooperation with Mobileye. It is she who is the processor provider for the unattractive Autopilor, which has caused a few collisions, killing one of the owners of the car.

World media has been tackling the issue of semi-autopilot Autopilot, which has been installed in US Tesla vehicles for several weeks, which has caused at least three fatal accidents.

The vehicle manufacturer, despite suggestions from consumer organizations, does not intend to exclude a dangerous function, and instead proposed educating drivers on its use. However, it is a good face to bad game that aims to show investors and shareholders that there is no problem with applied technology.

Meanwhile, the company’s management is well aware of its presence and therefore, in the aftermath of the incident, is likely to resign from working with Mobileye, the provider of autopilot processors. Unofficially, it is said that Tesla wants to develop this processor itself, because it will have more control over its operation and cooperation with the rest of the components installed in the vehicle.

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