French Aviation over ISIS

On Sunday’s attacks on the city of Ar-Rakk, a fortified bastion and an informal capital of the Islamic state, the command and recruitment center, the armory and the training camp were destroyed. According to information from the French defense ministry, 12 fighters took part in the operation, probably all French combat aircraft stationed in the Middle East.

This is, of course, only a small part of the machines that one of the world’s largest armies owns, but this number was adequate to the so-far from the areas of neighboring countries – let’s just say that France launched an air attack on ISIS in September last year. But even before Friday’s bombing, early in November, Charles de Gaulle, the aircraft carrier Rafale and Super Etendard, set off on the way to the eastern Mediterranean, to attack the Islamists.…

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Twitter account of famous celebs taken over

Twitter has been criticized by the internet community for years for being an ineffective system to protect user accounts from being taken over by hackers. Every now and then we hear such incidents, and the latest example is popular vocalist Katy Perry.

89 million people watching the account of this internationally known artist had to be surprised when suddenly vulgar and racist posts began to appear on it. Quickly it turned out that it was not their author, but anonymous hackers who somehow got their login and password and then took control of their account and started using it for their own purposes.

Twitter administrators fortunately responded quickly to this event and immediately removed hacker entries and blocked them from accessing their accounts. This, however, shows how easy it is for someone to ruin a reputation in social media, because although it is an activity with which an account user has nothing to do with it, there is still a nasty obligation to explain to the fans.…

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Huawei Ascend D8 specification disclosed

The Huawei Chinese company is preparing for a major attack on the western smartphone market and is working on several new models that will bolster the wallets of its consumers. One of the planned products is the Huawei Ascend D8, whose technical specification has just appeared on the web.

Huawei Ascend D8 is a typical phablet that will be a very dangerous rival for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 The first leaks to its technical specs suggest that we are dealing with a fully equipped and extremely efficient device.

The product will receive a 5.5-inch touch screen resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and its heart will likely (officially not yet confirmed) its 64-bit Kirin 950, which will be connected to 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of usable memory.

The Huawei Ascend D8 will cost about $ 800, and the launch of the Ascend D8 will probably take place in May next year.

It will not be the only product of the Chinese concern that will come to the shelves next year. The Ascend 5, 5X 7 and 7X models will also feature 5 to 5.5 “displays and 720p and 1080p resolutions. Their prices range from $ 115 to $ 320.

All new Huawei models will probably be shown during next January’s CES show in Las Vegas.…

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The intelligent lid will prevent coffee from being burned

Many of us going to work in the morning, go to some bar to buy a coffee that will put us on our feet. But it brings with it some danger, because in absent-mindedness we can pull a sip of boiling water and burn well.

Fortunately there is a solution that will save us from this unpleasant experience, and it is Smart Lid. In short, it is a one-time mug cover, made of a special temperature-responsive material, which by changing its color informs us how hot we have a drink.

If the lid is bright red, then the beverage is above 48 degrees Celsius, so drinking is not the best idea. But when the color starts to turn brown, it is a signal that our morning coffee or tea is completely safe.

Smart Lid is manufactured by an Australian company that packages 40 such lids for $ 29.95.…

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NASA has revealed the name of the new mission

The US space agency has revealed the official name of a new mission to investigate one of Jupiter’s moons. The expedition that will be sent to Europe is called Europa Clipper.

For several years now we know that NASA is planning to ship a ship that will explore Europe, one of Jupiter’s moons. The latest news indicates that the mission begins to take on more and more real shapes as it has its official name. NASA has given it the name Europa Clipper, and its purpose is to thoroughly examine the surface of this moon, which is very interesting from a scientific point of view.

The ship that will be sent there will orbit around 40-45 passes over Europe, where scientific instruments will carry out research and photographing its surface.

It is indeed an ice cover, but the moon itself is so large that scientists think deep ocean saltwater can be found. NASA’s mission is to see if they can find the key ingredients needed to create life.…

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Intel showed the fastest pendrive

The times when portable storage media were quite slow, have gone away forever. In a world where data access time is important, devices must work fast.

That’s why USB 3.0 has been developed to transfer data at speeds up to 400-500 MB / s. But for some it’s still too slow, so at Computex, Intel unveiled the inconspicuous 128 GB Thumb Drive, which, as it provides, can be completed in just 90 seconds.

The SanDisk-based media, however, is not equipped with the popular USB 3.0 port, but the Thunderbolt connector. This makes it possible to achieve a transfer rate of 10 Gb / s, which is twice the size of USB 3.0.

Thumb Drive is only a prototype and we should not expect to launch it soon. The more that the price of such a gadget would certainly be very high.…

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Fitbits bands for British soldiers

The British army is at an alarming rate. More and more soldiers are suffering from overweight, which can cause problems with their duties. Fitbits decided to help them get back to shape. So he hands out the bandages he has produced.

The soldier should always be in perfect shape, but not always. The British armed forces have an ever-increasing problem with being overweight. According to the latest reports, about 18 percent. All the soldiers, (almost 25 thousand people) are obese.

Overweight is very dangerous to the body because it can lead to serious illnesses: diabetes. About a thousand soldiers are suffering from it.

The situation is serious because, due to obesity, in the years 2011 – 2014 as many as 32 thousand soldiers did not pass the basic fitness test. In 2002, for this reason, 60 people were expelled from the service.

Fitbits, a well-known fitness strap manufacturer, has come up with the idea that it will help the soldiers return to their former form. So they give away their products, hoping that they motivate them to do intensive physical exercise, helping to shed extra pounds. These devices measure running time, distance traveled, calories burned, etc.…

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