NASA has revealed the name of the new mission

The US space agency has revealed the official name of a new mission to investigate one of Jupiter’s moons. The expedition that will be sent to Europe is called Europa Clipper.

For several years now we know that NASA is planning to ship a ship that will explore Europe, one of Jupiter’s moons. The latest news indicates that the mission begins to take on more and more real shapes as it has its official name. NASA has given it the name Europa Clipper, and its purpose is to thoroughly examine the surface of this moon, which is very interesting from a scientific point of view.

The ship that will be sent there will orbit around 40-45 passes over Europe, where scientific instruments will carry out research and photographing its surface.

It is indeed an ice cover, but the moon itself is so large that scientists think deep ocean saltwater can be found. NASA’s mission is to see if they can find the key ingredients needed to create life.

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