IPad 3 or HD and additional surprise from apple?

IPad 3, or according to other HD reports, will soon see the light of day. Probably not the only novelty that Apple will present, perhaps we are also waiting for a small revolution in the television market and the premiere refreshed version of Apple TV.

Cupertino’s new tablet, a week ago, has already been covered in a separate article, but there have been several new reports since. According to them, the iPad 3 will be upgraded to HD, will receive a better resolution screen resolution of 2048×1536 px, which indicates the use of the Retina Display screen. It will also support Full HD video (1080p).

In addition to the quad-core A6, the iPad 3 will be equipped with a dual-core A5X chip, which is an enhanced dual-core chip. According to sources, which reached the service of the Verge, Apple is waiting to present the A6 chip to launch the next generation iPhone.

The new tablet will have more RAM (it will be the first iOS device with 1 GB of memory) and will use the LTE data transfer standard. We also expect better cameras, bigger batteries, and a new version of the iOS 5.1 operating system. The change should not fall in size. According to MIC Gadget, which took possession of the supposed part of the iPad 3, it fits with a smart cover of the previous generation of tablet. The only significant change is the thickness, the new device will probably be thinner.

IPad 3 (or HD) is to be offered in parallel with iPad 2, and the previous generation of tablets should be overpriced. According to information provided by 9to5mac, the device is expected to be on sale already March 16, 2012.

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Apple will surprise everyone?

IPad 3 (or HD) is probably not the only news that the Cupertino company will present. For several days, the network has gossiped about the new version of Apple TV, and the situation is heating up that the device disappears from the store shelves.

Apple may surprise everyone, because next to the support for Full HD video (1080p) may be a new TV show. Already on Monday we wrote that Eddie Cue, the content manager responsible for iTunes, is in advanced talks with content providers. By. The New York Post reports that they are about creating a streaming service offering a package of television channels available for a small fee, or selling channels as independent applications.

If these rumors are true and the deal comes to fruition, it will be a real revolution in the market.

What will Apple really say? We will find out today (07.03.2012) at 19. A report from this event will be hosted at Technowinki and we invite you to follow it.