Intel showed the fastest pendrive

The times when portable storage media were quite slow, have gone away forever. In a world where data access time is important, devices must work fast.

That’s why USB 3.0 has been developed to transfer data at speeds up to 400-500 MB / s. But for some it’s still too slow, so at Computex, Intel unveiled the inconspicuous 128 GB Thumb Drive, which, as it provides, can be completed in just 90 seconds.

The SanDisk-based media, however, is not equipped with the popular USB 3.0 port, but the Thunderbolt connector. This makes it possible to achieve a transfer rate of 10 Gb / s, which is twice the size of USB 3.0.

Thumb Drive is only a prototype and we should not expect to launch it soon. The more that the price of such a gadget would certainly be very high.

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