HTC Vive will go to Chinese Internet cafes

The Taiwanese company HTC has found a very interesting way to promote its first VR goggles named HTC Vive. The device will go to online cafes located in Chinese cities. Thanks to this new technology will be able to use millions of people spending many hours every day.

In China, home computers are rare, so Internet cafes are so popular that young people in the country spend countless hours playing online games. This is where HTC Vive goggles will be coming soon, which will debut in the market early this year.

Representatives of HTC have just announced that, thanks to cooperation with local partner ShunWang Technology, which is one of the largest software providers, as part of a pilot program, soon there will be special positions in the Chinese Internet cafes, presenting the possibilities of HTC Vive. Each client for $ 5 will be able to buy the opportunity to test 10 new goggles for 10 minutes.

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