Fitbits bands for British soldiers

The British army is at an alarming rate. More and more soldiers are suffering from overweight, which can cause problems with their duties. Fitbits decided to help them get back to shape. So he hands out the bandages he has produced.

The soldier should always be in perfect shape, but not always. The British armed forces have an ever-increasing problem with being overweight. According to the latest reports, about 18 percent. All the soldiers, (almost 25 thousand people) are obese.

Overweight is very dangerous to the body because it can lead to serious illnesses: diabetes. About a thousand soldiers are suffering from it.

The situation is serious because, due to obesity, in the years 2011 – 2014 as many as 32 thousand soldiers did not pass the basic fitness test. In 2002, for this reason, 60 people were expelled from the service.

Fitbits, a well-known fitness strap manufacturer, has come up with the idea that it will help the soldiers return to their former form. So they give away their products, hoping that they motivate them to do intensive physical exercise, helping to shed extra pounds. These devices measure running time, distance traveled, calories burned, etc.

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